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Around the Elbe

It was a gloomy Saturday morning when I spontaneously decided to hike to the nearby town Celakovice. It can be reached in 20 mins by train and is the third stop from Milovice, my current town. While traveling to work, I watch this spectacular view from the second-floor window of the train many times. The fields along train tracks seem endless, sometimes I get lucky and catch sunset view, which is one of my favorite secret passions. To watch this pure magic of nature with naked eyes, as if the miracle has happened. So, this time I decided to not travel by train but walk.

It all started with a magnificent view from the bridge. The Elbe is the longest river in the Czech Republic. The river creates its micro-climate around the place it flows by. Usually, trees, moisture-loving plants are laying along the river, giving it a natural background, which is a priceless beauty. Particularly this trail can be reached by cars as well. A lot of cars were parked along the river and people were in their tents, chairs trying to catch a fish, enjoy the weekend and some were biking or walking just like me. I walked by the river, the trail followed by country road and I eventually in Celakovice. I know the town a bit from my driving course. A small downtown had few restaurants, a bakery and ice creams spots, offices, and a grocery store. I have noticed some of the restaurants have reviews in English on google maps, meaning this town is also visited by other foreigners. After a quick refuel with pizza and a glass of local beer, and ice cream it was time to travel back. Of course by train 😊

The whole hike was a mix of country roads, paths through the forest, riverbank roads among the fields. It was possible to recognize strawberry, potato, and some other vegetable fields. And they were everywhere, by the river, side of the road, or right next to the forest. It was a great harmony of nature, plants, animals, human beings. Walking by them was bringing me back to the essence of life. Particularly in Stredocesky region some roads don’t have designated paths for pedestrians or cyclists, so walking by the side of the road is OK, and the drivers are careful about these. I can confirm this fact as it is being taught in my driver’s course as well 😀 It is so common that I have witnessed runners on the road multiple times. Since some villages are small and don’t have the infrastructure for sportsmen, to keep fit running along the side of the road. It was quite unusual at the beginning but not anymore as I did walk myself today 😊

My tracker watch was showing 18.5 km and the mission was accomplished. I was tired and needed a nap. But the joy was unexplainable. The clouds were friendly to me as well. I didn’t get caught under a heavy spring rainstorm. It only rained while I was on my way back home and after I got home. And catching another miracle of nature from the window of my flat was a recapitulation of the amazing day!

P.S Currently there is a construction of a bridge on the way from Lysa nad Labem to Celakovice, so travelers on bike or foot should use the alternative way to cross the river.

Published by eLmAn aLi

born and raised in the small town Sumqayit Azerbaijan, and currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic. I love walking, running, active lifestyle. I love listening to content on Self-help, watching comedies, and investigative documentaries. Coaching and Public speaking are the areas I am trying to develop myself, as well as learning Agile project management and methodologies. I am following youtube/podcast content in general, Adam Grant, Paula Rizzo, James Clear, and Andrew Huberman are the ones I enjoy most

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