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Yes, the official Ukrainian version is spelled as Kyiv, and they want incomers to respect and recognize it that way. Just same as my personal paradox, we call the sea in the Azeri language Khazar (Xəzər) in the local language and The Caspian Sea in English. Both Khazars and Caspis were the nations who lived around this territory but why not use a local word?! 😕 I will touch on this later, now back to beautiful Kyiv.

I know Ukraine 😊. I watched Shevchenko play, was lucky enough to meet him in person, and even ask him for his autograph. Another fun fact, more than 200 thousand Ukrainians are living in the Czech Republic. Apparently, in the locations that I live, work, and play football there are Ukrainians. Many are my friends, colleagues, or acquittances. 

We, the children who grew up in the 90s, not only shared the same history (USSR) but the same “destiny”. It was fun to recognize the favorite candies and cookies from childhood. It brought me closer to home. Unfortunately, this was not the only thing that has not changed since childhood. The infrastructure, the buildings of the central area, and the government offices have been left almost untouched since the 90s. I have no idea who the guilty person is behind this. Not my friends for sure😃but the cathedrals and churches…💖 they are not from “90s” forgotten architecture. I walked into almost every neighborhood.  

One of my greatest passion of all is walking. Not running or jogging, just walking. Hours upon hours, kilometers upon kilometer sometimes without stopping.It is free, easy, and healthy. Try to do it without earphones, listen to nature, locals, cars (cursing drivers ) Yes Kyiv has great potential for walkers. The only disadvantage might be the hilly terrain of the town. If you don’t have strong stamina, you may use alternative sources for certain areas, such as the Funicular.

I will conclude this topic by talking about the panoramic views of Kyiv. As I am planning to have more than one article about Kyiv, so I can cover all the things I liked and disliked. So stay tuned for my upcoming posts 😇

One of my favorite YouTubers Janek Rubes or most people know him as “The Honest Guide” talks proudly about the amazing views of Prague (he got a point btw 😻). Now back to Kyiv. As I mentioned, the hills of Kyiv seem to go endlessly up and down. Well, you are up the peaks, why not find those spots and enjoy the beauty?! 

Some are located right around downtown, so it won’t take much time or effort to get there. All in all with beautiful parks, the view of the Dnipro river from the hill, the Sunset points, and the nice bridges Kyiv has to offer, there is an abundance of opportunities for nature lovers such as myself to be surrounded by this beauty.

P.S. If the walk is not your cup of tea, you may use city bikes or electric scooters which are quite common in town. They all have apps in English and are very easy to use.

Published by eLmAn aLi

born and raised in the small town Sumqayit Azerbaijan, and currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic. I love walking, running, active lifestyle. I love listening to content on Self-help, watching comedies, and investigative documentaries. Coaching and Public speaking are the areas I am trying to develop myself, as well as learning Agile project management and methodologies. I am following youtube/podcast content in general, Adam Grant, Paula Rizzo, James Clear, and Andrew Huberman are the ones I enjoy most

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