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Bike trip to Kralupy nad Vltavou

There is no excuse for not owning a bike in Prague. #rekolacz rents a decent bike for 250CZK/10EUR per day. So I did and the plan was to take a small trip to Kralupy nad Vltavou which is a small town that locates about 25km outside of Prague. I used app and it was quite accurate. It took me a bout 3-3.5 hours to get there with small breaks in between. Some parts of the road is up the hill, so some cardio LOL

Fun fact; This bike road along the Vltava river (Prague 7/ Troja) became special to me after the first hit of COVID in 2020. All i was able to do was biking. I used to take it 2-3 per week.

Once there, I visited Nelahozeves Chateau (just 3.5km off the Kralupy). Since the town Unetice is right around corner of this region, cooling off with the Uneticke beer and watching the amazing view was the ideal thing to do. Fun fact 2; Turns out that famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak was born a in house which is literally 3 mins walk from the castle. But it required a reservation, so I just took a photo. In case you never heard of this masterpieces, here is my favorite one:

Bottom line it was a tiring day, but the mental rest I got from it was priceless. Another fun fact that after leaving home ( i live 45km off the Prague) i found out that i forgot my wallet home and i only have 200 CZK/ 8 EUR with me for the whole day. Luckily in today’s world we can pay with phones.

P.S. I didn’t know i could withdraw money from ATMs with my phone too. Learned it the next day from a friend LOL.

Published by eLmAn aLi

born and raised in the small town Sumqayit Azerbaijan, and currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic. I love walking, running, active lifestyle. I love listening to content on Self-help, watching comedies, and investigative documentaries. Coaching and Public speaking are the areas I am trying to develop myself, as well as learning Agile project management and methodologies. I am following youtube/podcast content in general, Adam Grant, Paula Rizzo, James Clear, and Andrew Huberman are the ones I enjoy most

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