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Accept or Decline

A week ago I was puzzled by a question. Do I choose to cancel a request and go upstairs to enjoy the sauna and wellness, or accept the offer and go work some more? I got a bit inspired and made a small content out of it.

Enjoy the listen, and let me know what would you have done ?!




Published by eLmAn aLi

born and raised in the small town Sumqayit Azerbaijan, and currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic. I love walking, running, active lifestyle. I love listening to content on Self-help, watching comedies, and investigative documentaries. Coaching and Public speaking are the areas I am trying to develop myself, as well as learning Agile project management and methodologies. I am following youtube/podcast content in general, Adam Grant, Paula Rizzo, James Clear, and Andrew Huberman are the ones I enjoy most

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