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Who am I ?!

Dulcius ex asperis-sweeter after difficulties would have been a short reflection of my life story. Whatever did not kill me, certainly made stronger.

Azery migrant living in EU

Born and raised in Azerbaijan. Currently living just outside of Czech Republic. Grew up in post communistic 90s, 2000s were battlefield and it took a while until I broke even somewhere in the next decade, mid 2010s. The growth, progress and consistency and the Grand Final was in 2020 with a COVID crash. As a survivor, now I am set to express my 30 years background, share my story, learn new things and explore, explore, explore !!!

What am I busy with ?

Support specialist

Amateur player

Soccer coach (kids)

Self-help student

Past Experiences

Sports and Entertainment department ( Tourism)

(2010 – 2013)
My job was to make sure guests of the hotels are having fun during their stay. Organizing sport events, helping during dance or other performances and asking for their feedbacks could be a few of many other duties that we had in a fancy hotel of Antalya (Turkey)

Sales Agent
(2014 – 2015)
It was an online job during my university years. The company was US based and I was selling flight tickets online in Latvian office through various airlines.

Shared service centers – specialist

(2015 – )
From 2015 onwards I have been working for different corporates in their financial service centers at various positions. My job is to make sure customers are helped, assisted and service is delivered on time and utmost level.

Hobbies and interests

Healthy and active lifestyle

Soccer, Walking, Running, Cycling

Nature ( sea, forest, mountains, valleys, hills)

Audiobooks, Podcasts, Youtube videos

Self-development ( mentoring, coaching, public speaking)

Travelling, learning new cultures, tasting their food

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